Revealed... the best smart padlock to protect your home and valuables from theft.
No keys needed.

Why You Need This Product and the free gift

Everyone wants that extra reassurance when it comes to protecting their valuables , imagine a Padlock that eliminates the risk of duplicate keys , rust and is also waterproof and most importantly puts YOU in charge because the padlock only responds to YOUR FINGERPRINT!!  

You get a FREE DOORBELL ALARM when you buy this smart padlock today.

Keep Away thieves and make your home and valuables extra secured

Some Key Features

Fingerprint Unlock

This lock answers only to your fingerprint , it doesn't get more secured than this as you're the only one with your fingerprint pattern in the whole world , meaning no one else can unlock the padlock except you. putting YOU in total control.

IP68 Outdoor Waterproof

This padlock is well coated with layers of special anti-rust metals making it virtually impossible to rust which means a much longer life span than the average lock in the market

USB Convenience Charging

Worries about the battery of the padlock? well don't because it's easy to charge with a designated charging port and with a single full charge it's strong enough to last 18 months!

Quick Identification

This padlock is very fast and easy to use as it can identify your fingerprint in under a second! absolutely no delays whatsoever.

You get a FREE DOORBELL ALARM when you buy this smart padlock today.

You get a FREE DOORBELL ALARM when you buy this smart padlock today.

Some Extra Features

This padlock also features shock and dust proof qualities therefore the fingerprint sensors can't be disabled by high voltage of electrical current nor rust and become weak as an effect of being exposed to harsh dusty environments

Very durable and rugged with a class high tech touch to it , this padlock can withstand all weather conditions no matter how severe and still provide protection to your home and valuables to the absolute maximum

And with a single full charge lasting 18 months at a minimum you can be rest assured that you have MAXIMUM SECURITY AND PROTECTION FOR YOUR HOME AND VALUABLES


  • - Heavy - duty, waterproof and very good quality
  • - This high security design is rainproof, rust proof & weatherproof. It is ideal for garden shed and houses, garages, caravans, bicycles, gates etc.
  • - Fingerprint unlock sensor that can only be activated by padlock's rightful owner.
  • - Corrosion Resistant with hardened Zinc Alloy Body
  • How To Register Your Fingerprint

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