Our Investors Guide

A look at what you need to know about Investing with OneMillion LandLord

One Million Landlord Nigeria is a real estate firm duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission which specializes in the provision of real estate at an affordable rate to the teeming members of the public within Nigeria and beyond. One Million Landlord Nigeria carries on business as estate, housing and land agents. The firm also acts as property dealers and assist clients in the sale or purchase of properties or introduction of purchasers and vendors of land, buildings, flats and other properties to clients.
The firm is a specialist in constructing houses for long term leases to its large client base which include individuals, firms, schools, cooperatives societies, trade unions and corporate entities within the highbrow areas of Lagos State. One Million Landlord Nigeria recognizes and educate investors on the fact that they do not need to be a multimillionaire in order to get a piece of real estate. This is more so that not everyone can afford to sink a huge amount of money into a passive income. The firm provides affordable real estate for value as low as One Million Naira for clients under a long lease arrangement for a period ranging from 10-20years. The firm has an elaborate catalogue of investment packages available for all types of investors(including low-income earners). The respective packages are available on our website and social media handles. The firm also has packages to help short term investors in the management and the resale of their real estate at a higher price within a short duration.

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